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Sherfordella lateralis - turkestan roaches commonly known as Red Runners


Micro size - perfectly sized for even smallest spiderlings like C.elegans or Kochiana brunnipes


Perfect food for tarantulas , scorpions ,mantids lizards and frogs

Much more protein than crickets and much safer for tarantulas as they not harm spiders even during moulting - crickets will most likely kill spider when freshly moulted.

QUANTITY: Pack of roughly 200 MICRO roaches

(1-3mm )

SIZE : medium / subadult ( some fresh adults might be included )

HUSBANDRY: keep it dry and warm if you want them to live longer and breed . Keep it well ventilated

FOOD: carrots, oranges, apples, dry dog food

Do not use too much wet vegetables at a time as it’ll easily increase moisture

Shelfordella lateralis (Turkestan Roaches) x200