Poecilotheria subfusca  -smaller very rare Highland form from Nuwara Eliya highlands (SRI LANKA) so require lower temperatures of 16-20C , if you can keep that low temperature plese do not buy them


There is aslo Lowland form which is way bigger when adult and found in different location - Candy (Sri Lanka) . The Lowland form is believed to be separete species and coming revision will give us new species so PLEASE DON'T MIX THEM UP




do to Hybridisation occured in the past few years between those 2 species its very difficult to find pure specimens nowadays , however offered slings come from very reputable and trusted UK breeder and parents were carefully choosen/picked for this breeding project to keep those as pure as possible and please bear that in mind to keep them pure in the future.


TYPE: Arboreal 


SOURCE : Captive Bred 2021 (UK)


ACTUAL SIZE : 2-2,5cm


MAX SIZE: 12-15cm leg span (maximum body size 5-5.5cm )


ORIGIN : Nuwara Eliya - SRI LANKA


FOR BEGGINERS : NO , require knowledge with tarantulas and these has quite potent venom like all Poecilotheria do -DO NOT HANDLE 

Poecilotheria subfusca