Neischnocolus sp. Colombia 

probably the same species as Neischnocolus sp. Panama ( formerly A.sp. Panama) but those ones are from north Colombia so different location not far from N.sp. Panama location - about 40-50 miles apart 


Considered as a dwarf tarantula but they not so small 

females reaching 4,5-5cm body , males about 4cm body 


Picture shovingone of  my subadult females


1st/2nd moult slings 



Limited stock and very hard to find these days


SOURCE : Captive Bred 2021


TYPE : Terrestrial


ACTUAL SIZE : 0.5cm leg span (1st/2nd moult) VERY TINY -require hatchling crickets for food or fruit flies D.melanogaster


MAX SIZE : 8-10cm leg span (4.5-5cm body size)


ORIGIN: Colombia



Neischnocolus sp Colombia