Avicularia so. Boa Vista 
Boa Vista Pink Toe Tarantula
Probably another Avicularia avicularia Morphotype from Brazil or separate species 

not to mix with 
-A.metallica ( Morphotype 6 - Cayenne-French Guyana) 
-A.geroldi ( all blue from Brazil ) 
-A.braunshauseni ( Morphotype 2 with red setae in the rear legs and abdomen - Brazil - Tuqurui - Para State ) 

SOURCE : Captive Bred 2021 

TYPE : Arboreal 

ACTUAL SIZE : 1,5-2cm leg span (1st/2nd moult) 

MAX SIZE : 15-16cm ( one of the biggest avics ) 

ORIGIN : Brazil ( Boa Vista - Roraima State)

FOR BEGINNERS  :  Yes but with experience ( very fragile as all Avicularia- require often feeding and very good ventilated pots ) 

Avicularia sp. Boa Vista