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——————— UK ONLY ——————

—————8,50 RMSD by 1pm —————

Only in Warmer months with night temperatures over 6 C

Autumn and Winter time shipping :

—— 11£ RMSD by 1 pm WINTER PACK —
Including Polystyrene box and Heat pack

All Orders will be sent within 1-2 days of cleared payment

We are posting Monday - Thursday

Prices for shipping are per order

Minimum order 20£ (not including postage)


Live arrivals guaranteed with next day delivery and no later than 24h day after postage (can't be responsible for RM delayed delivery but at the moment every of few hundreds parcels arrived on time)

Proof of DOA - clear picture of spider and package need to be sent at the day of delivery (not after a week) and my package as a background.

If DOA ( Dead On Arrival ) I can either Refund cost of the spider or Replace it with new one if it's still In Stock ( replacement will be sent with next order unless it was the only spider ordered )

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